About Me

Hello. My name is Sally and I am the face behind The Bea's Teas. 


Growing up on a Norfolk farm had a massive impact on my love of good, fresh, wholesome home cooked food. My Mum was a fabulous baker and taught me from a very early age. This was my introduction to loving great food and something I have strived to continue to do throughout my baking career.


Having my own children meant I continued to strive to find quality, fresh food and it inspired me to find great recipes to keep things new and exciting. All three children are very good critics of my work and brutally honest… Not always kind, but very constructive!


When The Bea’s Teas was born, it was with all this history in mind that I made it my mission to continue to use only fabulous quality ingredients and to buy British and local whenever it is possible. I have tried and tested many recipes using these ingredients over my many years of baking to ensure I offer the very best flavours and variety of baked goods possible. 


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